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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 1

Today was day one.

I started really well...........bad.

I did the roll around with my girlfriend until about 1pm.
MMMMM good start!

Well there is good news...........i still weighed in at 230lbs this morning.
I did not eat any dirty fast food.

I started a running program today which came highly recommend by a co worker, who by the way lost 50lbs herself.
Good on her!

Why the hell am i doing this?........i should have covered this in the intro.
Well for life is the short answer. The long answer: friends, family, my wonderful gf that puts up with all my shit. Perhaps, maybe a small tidbit of me hopes that this finds someone and helps them like my co worker did with me.
Well anyway today I did the run/walk program for 30 minutes. Then I went and played floor hockey for two hours. I think my exercise portion of the day went very well.

Please Remember my new slogan:

It won't taste as good as skinny will feel.


Hello Fatso's
( I say this with all due respect, which gets me off the hook for the word Fatso's )

Today is November 2 or is it Movember 2 ( i'll get to that in a minute )

For years and years i've ignored the fact that i've been an overweight fatso so to speak. Oh, i'm sorry, i should be politically correct right? I am OBESE or large and in charge as one might say.

Long story short:
I've been overwieght for years and years; since grade 4 I believe. Twelve years ago when i was 19 I was on vacation and ended up in the hospital. Why you ask? I had to literally piss every five minutes and I was a constantly thirsty. If you don't know what thats like; ask your friends. They really didn't like pulling the car over on our road trip every five minutes. The police didn't like it when i pee'd in the park bushes either. I think the group of girls watching me in the park did though, or so i like to tell myself.  I always liked to think I was hot anyway.............well i wasn't..........physically anyway ( except for my handsome face ). Anyway, lets get back on track; I was diagnosed as an insulin dependent diabetic. Not so bad i thought at the time. I can eat healthy, i can do this i told myself. Well I did, i ate healthy in restaurants for about two years and packed healthy lunches ( or maybe it was my mom that packed the lunches ). Then came age 21 and I moved out. Yes, out on my own with a few great friends as roomies. Thats where the downward spiral, i don't blame those guys for that. I started eating fast food; why, well it was conveinent and above all i thought it tasted good. Look at the benfits: tastes good, easy to buy, no cleanup, great hangover cure. Why wouldn't i get hooked on it. Fast forward to age 31...........still addicted............still eating it, but heres the thing: since i've been diabetic i've held the same weight for the last 8 years........230 pounds. I've started this blog as a way to help me change my lifestyle.
My goal is simple. Eat Healthier, and Live Healthier. And to make 100 bucks from my girlfriend, weigh 200 pounds or less in six months. Easy right? I hope so! I will share my journey with all of you.

Do I plan to cut fast food out completely? As i truly believe that i'm addicted i think cold turkey will be too difficult. So in week one, I will have it no more than twice, but my goal is only once. Hmmmm did you see how i did that........made a true goal and a backup one if I fail. Good Plan! Maybe!

With all that said, I hope you enjoy reading about my journey.

Lastly, its movember.........and i'm growing a dirty mustache ( with all due respect ) for prostate cancer.
Check out my movember updates ........i'll attach the url in an upcoming blog.